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Optimise your health & energy levels, lose weight, look & feel great with Rosa's Detox Program

Trained with Doc. M. Siewart of Harley St. London, More than 30 years experience

Why Detox?

The large intestine, does not automatically clean itself. Most absorbtion takes place in this part of the digestion system; therefore colonic irrigation is needed in preparation for the Detox treatment. During this four week plan toxins, bile, any liver and gall bladder stones, and debris from the thin intestine will be released into the large intestine. 

The small / thin colon needs its own special mixture of herbs and bowel tonics designed to loosen old mucus and absorb any accumulated debris, which passes directly into the large colon. You are given a complete, home course of herbal products for this purpose. 

Liver and Gall Bladderhold bile and "stones", these are cholesterol deposits which are built up over the years. The organs can be forced to release these accumulations. This cleanse involves softening up these "stones" and opening up the ducts by taking a series of natural remedies and finally drinking a mixture of olive oil and grape fruit juice. The liver and gall bladder will expulse deposits to the bowels. 

The liver, gall bladder, thin and large intestine will be freed of toxins. You will come to feel exhilarated, and full of energy. The process could be repeated several times per year depending on individual needs. 

This is a very old, tried and true technique much described in the literature of natural remedies. For example Dr. Clark's book and also Andreas Moritz has published a book soley on the Liver cleanse programme. 

Kidney Cleanseis an easy process done by daily intake of kidney cleanse herbs. These will help to dissolve hardened debris or stones, strengthen kidneys, and will normalise the kidney´s PH. This special Isotonic formula will be provided for use at home.

The kidneys act like filters and need to be kept in perfect working condition and with the correct electrolite balance for our survival. Because of poor quality and hard water supply , a build up of cristals and stones are common in most kidneys.

Dietary aspects: 

  1. Dietary supplements and herbs
  2. Individually tailored diet
  3. Assessment on food intolerance

Every colonic irrigation includes a herbal tonic, normally mint, which is anti-spasmodic and detoxes the liver. This will give a boost to the detoxing process. 

Silver colloidal, a natural antibiotic, is also used during the treatment. This colloidal is anti-parasitic & anti-fungal (Candida Albicans), and will help the immune system. 

At the end of the colonic session an implant of a probiotic is used to replenish the good intestinal flora.