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Optimise your health & energy levels, lose weight, look & feel great with Rosa's Detox Program

Trained with Doc. M. Siewart of Harley St. London, More than 30 years experience

Everyone can benefit from Colonics, they boost energy levels, enhance mental clarity and general well-being.

Health - Regular colonics are recommended for the prevention of illness and will help with many problems...
Colonics have helped:
Constipation, diarrhoea, IBS(irritable bowel syndrome),Crohn's Disease, headaches, Candida, bloating, flatulence, respiratory problems, Asthma, Bronchitis, Rheumatic conditions and general aches and pains,skin conditions, poor concentration and psychological conditionsfood intolerances and allergies. - Regular Colonics are essential to keeping skin, eyes, teeth, hair and general body tone at their healthiest, as well as keeping ageing effects at bay. It allows the body to have increased flexibility and mobility and generally retards the ageing process.
Slimmers - An unhealthy colon can cause a weight gain problem because the body finds it so difficult to draw nutrients trough a clogged up colon wall, leading to a feeling of constant hunger and anxiety. This is due to a food cravings as the body begs for particular nutrients.
When the colon has been cleaned and the correct foods for your individual digestion has been established, the food processing and digestion rapidly goes through the system and is eliminated, metabolism is increased and hunger pangs are satisfied for longer periods of time, so less food is needed leading to rapid weight loss.
Individualised Detoxing Plan
Rosa Cardona has studied and worked with Dr. Milo Siewert (Founder of the Colonic Association) of Harley Street, London, specialising in Enterotoxicity, Detoxification and Natural Nutrition.
Rosa will assess you on an individual plan based on:

a. Colon cleanse program
b. Liver and gall bladder cleanse
c. Diet plan according to your blood group

What does colonic hydrotherapy involve?
Colonic irrigation is an internal bath of warm filtered water and herbs that helps cleanse the colon of poisons, gas, mucus deposits and accumulated faecal matter. Such techniques were first recorded in 1500 B.C. and have been used in traditional and naturopathic medicine since that time. 
Using sterilised or disposable equipment, water under controlled pressure is introduced into the colon. The speculum has an entry and an exit where waste deposits flow out directly into the waste pipe. At no time does the patient need to get up to evacuate. The process is done with the patient lying on their side covered to preserve modesty at all times.
A good therapist will always finish by replenishing the intestinal flora with a probiotic to give an extra bust to the immune system.

Is it Safe? Yes!
There are no negative side effects, patients experience an improvement in mental clarity and usually leave with a clean and fresh feeling after the treatment. 
Colonic is not habit forming and do not lead to lazy bowels. In fact improve the bowel muscle tone and there is no danger of bowel perforation.